What does a slatted frame actually do?

The wooden substructure not only provides the essential ventilation from below but also ensures the ergonomic uniqueness of the bed. While the mattress, with its soft surface and flexible areas, creates a cozy atmosphere, a slatted frame consolidates the entire surface of the bed. A good slatted frame stabilizes the spine, gives the hip enough space and relieves the shoulder girdle. Modern slatted frames are to be adjusted so that they meet the personal sleeping habits of the user. Who sleeps mostly on the stomach, the side or the back, who can adjust his personal lying area exactly, so that the sleeping comfort is increased even further? In combination, a mattress and slatted frame are simply unbeatable.

How is the substructure of the bed constructed at all?

Many people hardly notice a difference when they lift the mattress and take a closer look at the supporting substructure. But there are several models of slatted frames that you should know. This is the only way to adjust the existing substructure accurately or to select the right slatted frame when purchasing it together with the mattress.

There are two different systems for this:

Slatted frames with O-slides

In one system, the double strips are closely packed. The top wooden strip is directly connected to the outside of the frame. The lower bar clamps, held by a slide, at the top bar. This adjusting slide is usually made of plastic. If the slides are now adjusted in the area of the lying surface, the strips come under pressure in their longitudinal direction and stiffen. This happens when you push the plastic part outwards. Then the two-ply strips strengthen and become harder. The situation is reversed when the slides are moved inwards. Then the double strips become more pliable and softer towards the middle. Check out our best collection of mattress for sale.

Slatted frames with T-slides

In the second system, a small distance is maintained between the superimposed strips. In this space is here again the plastic slide, which is necessary for customization. The adjusting slide is thus directly connected to the two strips. This also changes the setting procedure. The center of the plastic part is set, the harder the slats react.